Our Story

How it all started

Leading a healthy lifestyle, we know that being active, regular workout at the gym, run 5km few times a week and hike our favourite hills on the weekend, is not enough! We need to ensure that we also consume a healthy diet for a balance and healthier lifestyle. In 2018, frustrated with a lack of variety of delicious, high protein, healthy and affordable snacks in the market, we took to the kitchen to create Malaysia first Protein Cookie that uses CLEAN, NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND LOW SUGAR to fill this missing void.

Since then, we have created the best version of our favourite snacks by removing the bad and replacing it with the benefits of HIGH PROTEIN, LESS SUGAR AND CLEAN INGREDIENTS that put taste before all else!

Driven by innovation, we will continue to create a Better For You snacks that provide your body with the fuel it needs for any activity and for your OVERALL HEALTH!

Our Values

Our values is to bring EASE and ACCESIBILITY to HEALTHY EATING focusing on snacking.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to help INSPIRE more healthy lifestyle transformation by EATING HEALTHILY around the COUNTRY and around the GLOBE.

Meet the founder

It was in 2009 when Amir and Azmir met up in Fitness Bootcamp training in Setiawangsa where Azmir was later recruited as the coach of the bootcamp. Friendship remains, even after all the torturous training session by the coach, they talk about their passion on health and fitness industry and start to get things to materialize. Azmir who was also a National rugby player always complain on the difficulty to get a healthy snacks in the market. Most imported healthy snacks is usually too expensive and have a bad taste making it hard to keep up with his active and healthy lifestyle. Amir, being an active and healthy entrepreneur who regularly workout at the gym, jog 10km per week loves to cook and try out healthy recipes. After all the research, trial and error on how to resolve the issues on healthy snacking,in 2018 Profeat was born with 1 product, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie.The rest was history…