ACV Gummies

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ACV Gummies

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Convert Food To Cellular – Profeat ACV Gummies contain Vitamin B12 which helps convert food into cellular energy.
Metabolize Nutrients – Profeat ACV Gummies helps body metabolize nutrients more efficiently.
Immune System – Vitamin B12 in Profeat ACV Gummies helps support a healthy immune system.
Healthy Heart – Vitamin B9 (folic acid) and Vitamin B12 in Profeat ACV Gummies play a key role in maintaining homocysteine levels, which help support heart health
Better Digestion – Profeat ACV Gummies can help raise stomach acid levels to aid digestion
Appettite Reduction – Profeat ACV Gummies contains acetate acid that may suppress centres in brain that control appetite leading to reduce in food intake.

Product Description
Experience wellness in a bite with Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies. Rich in Vitamin B12 which can help to support your body’s cellular energy production by breaking the food you ate into usable energy to keep you running all dairy. Now you can get 210 gram of dietary supplement that will metabolise nutrient effectively in a form of gummies.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Beet Root, Organic Pomegranate, Vitamin B9, Vitamin B12, Malt Syrup, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid.

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95 reviews for ACV Gummies

  1. xx

    minta barang sampai lebih awal, seminggu tunggu

  2. Cheah Yen Hong

    Fast Delivery, Good Products, Awesome.

  3. mona

    No smelly vinegar taste like liquid apple cider vinegar. besttt

  4. Roshalizah Musa

    excellent value for moneihh, awesome

  5. Noor Izzaty

    awesome nanti bagi lagi discount or promo in future, nak repeat banyak

  6. Khairul Zamani

    not bad

  7. Rizwan Shah

    repeat repeat repeat

  8. Ieza hanum

    cute bear shape gummies

  9. Adilah Md Razak

    Gummies yang sedap, senang nak makan

  10. Ratna Liew

    First launched i received the small bottle, but now i think the bottle has been upgraded and noticed too the taste has been improved and less sticky, tq for improvement

  11. Parimala

    This is an excellent apple cider vinegar sold at a good price.. great job Profeat

  12. Joey Tan

    Love the taste, texture, packaging

  13. Chong Hung Yung

    works perfeclty to me, addict with the taste as well

  14. Leen H

    No vinegar smell, good product !

  15. Sheila Ashok

    My gummy is too moist.

  16. Shanti A.

    Love the taste, no vinegar smelly

  17. Niba Rk

    so good so yumme

  18. Farah Hanim

    Taste nice

  19. Nik Firdaus Hussin

    Arrived on time and product what it should be.

  20. Melody

    I like the balance taste , unlike chugging the liquid acv

  21. Hafshah Mohamed

    Price wise, cheaper than chugging bragg acv, same 1000mg per serving.

  22. Anonymous

    masam masam manis, suka suka.

  23. Anna

    Im ssooo lovin this ACV gummies! I personally think this bear makes my digestive system works even better.

  24. Suriani Mohd Noah

    nak tanya dulu memang ada botol kecik ke? sekarang botol lain bila dapat order?

  25. Anonymous

    Lambatnya barang i sampai!

  26. Dinesh

    dont like the taste 🙁

  27. Abdul Hafiz Bin Abdul Halim

    oklaa buley laa

  28. Herlina Ain

    a bit pricey.other than that taste good

  29. Billy AR

    For diabetics patient like me, still ok with the sugar content. No sugar spike.

  30. Melor Y

    Can taste the apple. a bit sticky.

  31. Tengku Aizat

    Profeat is the best product and my favorite local brand so far *

  32. Hafsah

    Senang nak makan, letak kat ofis makan 2 biji sehari

  33. Laura Menon

    Loving these ACV Gummies, super convenient acv intake

  34. Jureen

    Tq profeat for this. I never like drinking apple cider vinegar liquid, this helps a lot for my daily acv intake.

  35. Amyra

    So far I LOVE IT! My friend yang introduce me this product, and im glad i tried it, Kuddos!

  36. Alice Yeoh

    Packaging 9/10
    Taste 8/10
    Healthy Benefits 7/10
    Delivery 8/10

    so far so good

  37. Ainun Bahar

    Rasa sedap. Senang lagi nak membuang, tak sembelit dah

  38. Hamba Mu

    Stok asyik kena tunggu je, hmm laku betul ya? Saya kadang order sekali untuk ofis mate, masing2 dah tak senang duduk dengan stok. Mungkin kena order awal atau order sekali banyak terus next time :/

  39. Marissa

    My 2nd bottle, manage to lose 5kg after first bottle. Good product

  40. Haryati Hani

    Rasa sedap, texture mcm kids punya gummies. takde smell vinegar

  41. Rosiah Sidek

    Taste like kids gummy bear. Hope will help reduce my weight.

  42. Nana Ai

    AWESOME! Saya suka. >>.<<

  43. Anonymous

    sedap tapi penghantaranlambat!

  44. Anonymous

    Barang sampai lambat gilerrr tapi mungkin sebab courier ke? Adoi!

  45. Tai Yujinn

    ok ok ok

  46. Inaya Singh

    The best ACV i got……. Helps in skin care, maintenance of health and on weight loss…

  47. Gheeta AV

    Love these gummies a lot!

  48. rattana ambirshi

    The product was good and well packed and the quality was original.

  49. Jocelyn

    I got this product via sponsored event and i manage to bought it myself, i love it

  50. Siti Khatijah

    Nak promo best best lagi plish *

  51. Azlina Adnan

    give more discount next time pls 🙂

  52. Loh Mei Teng

    at first im in doubt with this product, but now im so lovin it <3

  53. Deena Awal

    Good price for more bottle. More affordable

  54. Azrina xxxx

    Ok la compare to liquid one. Sedap.

  55. Michelle Moo Xin Yee

    i love this products, please make another flavour or any gummies some more >.<

  56. Gee Alan

    Love this product from Profeat. On my 2nd bottle

  57. Nur Aziyah Abd Aziz

    Saya dah guna 2 botol, memang nampak ada hasil dalam penurunan berat badan serta pada kulit dan rambut saya, now add to cart! :)))))

  58. Hamidah

    Sudah my 3rd bottle, my skin rasa lebih flawless, maybe sebab gummy buat usus lebih bersih ?

  59. Adilah

    TQ selalu bagi pakej murah2

  60. Ameera Aizat

    Using this product since first launched. Good for health. Hope have another flavour of gummies too in future.

  61. Siti Mardiah Sahed

    good products, im on repeat

  62. Juhaida

    suka suka suka, anak saya pun suka

  63. Eugene Loong

    its all good and well, so far i dont have any issue with ur products

  64. June Nordin


  65. Wan Eijas

    3/5 boleh laaaaaaa, nasib sedap dari liquid.

  66. Rabitah Bt Kamaruddin

    Masam masam manis, ok so so Rabitah Bt Kamaruddin

  67. Ainun Sailah Mohamad

    barang bagus, lancar pencernaan sebab saya susah membuang, keep it up

  68. Lim Chern Yee

    great, cannot believe i repeat this ACV several times, even tho the liquid is much cheaper but this one is really convenient and i can bring and take it anywhere i like 🙂

  69. Liza Othman

    Saya selalu collect order dengan housemate saya, best!

  70. Aina Nabilah

    Lambatnya barang i selalu sampai, ugh! WHy why WHy

  71. Haryanti Bt Isahak

    Barang sampai cepat Alhamdulilah, rasa pun sedap, akak suka.

  72. Irfah Bt Mohd

    Beli masa ni saja sebab nampak launching kt Profeat Insta, beli tak makan, last2 adik beradik dengan mak yang suka pula ACV ni haha

  73. Syahida Zakaria

    best lah ACV ni, honest review. Serious! You guys yang newbie should try and give some feedbacks too!

  74. Vasugi

    awesome products

  75. Esther Keong Han

    i banyak suka ini ACV

  76. Subia Anyie

    Relatively fast delivery considering shipment was from Kuala Lumpur. Nice packaging and most importantly, love the ACV.

  77. Sarveen Mahendran

    First time buy this apple cider vinegar supplement so not sure how is the effect. Hope that it can help me reduce my stomach acid reflux problem because of the good review of a friends. Hope it helps me.

  78. Ms Nurulfizah Razali

    Currently I take this supplement instead of colon detox cleanse. I did not see obvious result yet but my stomach can tolerate well with this supplement so I just continue to see if there is any result. Long expiry date 2023! Good service from seller as always. Get Free 1 Cookie, access to Telegram and FREE Ebook too <3

  79. Yazhen Zhao

    Just nice, but my husband like it tho

  80. Yin Chen Ho

    TBH, i ate this more than 4 gummies daily, it was so good i cannot resist, wallao.

  81. Puganeswaran

    a very good product i shall said. nicely wrapped and satisfied with everything.

  82. Ariane Nisha

    Second time buying this, seller also fast reply and entertain with all my question heh. great products.

  83. vShafiq Irfan

    when i heard from my friend that it helps with my GERD, i purchase right away, suprisingly good, but need to consume more than 2 bottles to see the results – my personal view

  84. Syahida Termizi

    Heard that it can helps you to get a better skin too, but i guess it does not work on me?

  85. Sarah Firdaus

    bagus kalau ada sakit gerd, gastric. tapi kena consume lepas makan kate seller klau ada gastric

  86. Mohd Ezzuan

    Item well received. Good packaging and fast delivery. Excellent service by seller. Thank you boss! Got free gift too (Cookies) – nice cookies btw

  87. Bowie

    Just tried, a bit uncomfortable to the stomach to eat 2 gummies, maybe should start 1 first. But the effect was stronger than liquid ACV. I can skip dinner and then my craving for sweet was reduced. Give it 1 weeks of consuming ACV, your body will feel better.

  88. Barbara

    Not bad for first timer

  89. Zanariah Suleiman

    love it! my anak pun suka

  90. Aenn Omar


    Every time got promo must grab one.

    And tq for the free gifts too. (Free 1 pack cookie)

  91. Emilda Jimm

    i came to give some feedbacks, my pov of this ACV new products of Profeat was great. I always love to order their cookies, vryy healthy especially for a lady like me who likes to workout and do some outdoor activities. My friends also enjoy their healthy cookies. this one also amazing.

  92. Malisa Hanaki

    Bagilah banyak banyak free gift lagi, saya suka! 🙂

  93. Azan Mazlan

    Okay la untuk bro macam saya consume ni tak brpa sesuai kot, tapi wife ok je. sedap katenye

  94. Umi Hajariah Jasmin

    masam sikit la yang, tapi sedap la juga

  95. Ms Susi

    SUPERB! Nak order kadang tunggu promo kalau boleh, tpi skrng dah kurang promo tak mcm dulu, stiap bulan ada PROMO 😀

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